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    Elevate Your Life

    New Mind elevates the journey to higher learning and provides an enriched road to success.

New Mind Programs

New Mind elevates the idea of studying abroad from an interesting experience to a life-changing transformation. Students do more than take their college courses in a new and different location and then return home. They turn the world into a laboratory and themselves into citizens of the globe equipped for the interconnected economy.

New Mind ensures that its students never travel alone on the path to education and to understanding different nations and cultures. Our three stages of programs ensure that students are expertly guided from the day they pack up to leave for college to the moment they settle into their first job.


We Help You Prepare

Graduating high school students take advantage of our College Counseling Program to pick the right school. Our Summer Academy helps them develop a college application that rises above the rest.


We Help You Succeed

Enrolled students enjoy the advantages of our University Performance Program that provides coaching, classes, academic counseling, community experiences and travel around the United States.


We Help You Launch Your Career

New Mind’s Career Edge Program offers new graduates a boost in their job search. We enjoy the support of our corporate partners and the smart suggestions and connections of our extensive network of alumni.

Program Introductions

Summer Academy
New Mind Summer Academy, held on a major university campus, teaches valuable skills and offers insightful experiences that strengthen students’ college and graduate school applications. The program is based on curriculum from prestigious universities around the world and distinguishes participants them from other international student applicants to American universities. Summer Academy especially helps Chinese students, who may find it hard to make their application stand out from other Chinese applicants.

The Academy enables students to strengthen and spotlight their college application portfolio, with the emphasis on academics, personal growth activities, and strong communication skills. Our college counselors and educators assist students in improving the competitiveness of their application and identifying the best fit universities for their future. We help students access the best academic and experiential programs that U.S. higher education offers.

New Mind’s Summer Academy equips students with the skills of adaptation and open-mindedness necessary to succeed in a new, foreign environment. They can spend one summer or multiple summers in the program, and they leave with a development roadmap that accelerates their unique potential.

College Counseling Program

New Mind College Counseling is a refreshing, tailored way of connecting international students with American universities. Only young people of high motivation and promise are selected as New Mind students. Our experienced college counselors work one-on-one with students to:

  • Explore students’ unique backgrounds and help them articulate their interests, passions, gifts, and values.
  • Create a customized “best-fit” school list based on a student’s interests and academic potential.
  • Develop college application essay topics and provide writing coaching.
  • Assist in navigating the sometimes confusing timeframes and types of admissions, from early decision to rolling admission.
  • Offer guidance on how to handle waitlist offers.

University Performance Program
University Performance Program, our flagship program, delivers a year-long, on-campus experience that integrates students into the academic and social cultures of America and American universities. Our highly trained advisors steer students through our Global Learning Curriculum, a series of courses specifically designed to merge the unique perspectives of international students with the nuances of the American lifestyle. Students enjoy transition support, individual advising and global competency skills development. They can tap all the support and resources they need to become fully engaged members of the campus community. The UPP program serves students at North Carolina State University and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with expansion to additional universities coming soon. Read more about UPP!

Career Edge Program
The Career Edge Program at New Mind equips self-motivated, international students with the tools to discover their ideal career path. They improve their job search skills and develop a professional, assertive identity for the workplace. Our five-step method involves 20 hours of one-on-one career counseling and coaching over a six-month period.

Students learn to identify their strengths in academics, experience and interests. They explore a variety of professions and workplaces and receive professional help fine-tuning their resumes, cover letters and social media presence. The program coaches students on how to successfully network and builds their interpersonal and communications skills so that they are ready to step into their first interview or give their first elevator pitch.

Read more about Career Edge