Be Prepared for Success

Student Quotes

“UPP taught me how to interact with American students and participate in classroom discussions. I became more and more confident and independent.”

Heqing Qi

UPP at NC State Class of 2012

“UPP provided me a lot of opportunities to make American friends, get involved in the local community and grow as a leader”

Annan Zhou

UPP at NC State Class of 2012

“I learned the concept of cultural awareness at a UPP workshop and started to understand the differences between Chinese and American culture.”

Jing Zhao

UPP at NC State Class of 2013

Advisor Quotes

“Our UPP foundational services component creates a worry-free environment for international students
so that they can focus on their social and academic performance. Our services provide international
students the best solutions with personal care.”

Enoch Chow,

UPP Advisor

“We believe the trips UPP provides serve as a respite for students and should promote positive experiences. They are opportunities for rest, relaxation and self-discovery”

Erin Holloway

UPP Advisor

“UPP Advising is a key component in strengthening students’ confidence in their ability to navigate a
new culture and education system. It provides each student individual time with an advisor to focus on
his or her growth as a college student and independent young adult.”

Dalhya Lusk

UPP Advisor

Parent Quotes

“I really appreciate the way in which UPP engages international students’ parents. Their phone calls, emails and blog posts kept me current on Feng’s classroom milestones, extracurricular activities and events. It has meant so much to me.”

Feng Tian’s Father

UPP at NC State Class of 2014

“UPP has made study abroad such a wonderful experience for William. With the advisor’s personal care and instruction, William has overcome the initial culture shock, greatly improved his English and become more and more engaged in campus activities.”

William Zhao’s Mother

UPP at UNCG Class of 2014

“UPP parent liaisons bridged Chinese and American culture and helped me participate in the education of my son Leo. Thanks to UPP, Leo has grown tremendously both culturally and intellectually in his first year in America”

Leo Li’s Mother

UPP at UNCG Class of 2014