Be Prepared for Success

Be Prepared for Success

Be Prepared for Success

What is UPP?

The University Performance Program (UPP) is a supplemental experience for international students in their first year abroad. It is co-designed by New Mind Education and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. The goal of UPP is to help international students fully integrate into campus life and have a successful academic experience.

Key Differentiators

UPP is specifically designed to address the transitional challenges international students face by providing the following unique services and experiences:


Students are paired with an experienced advisor who meets with them one-on-one every week to provide individualized support and guidance.

Global learning curriculum

Weekly seminars on U.S. culture, academic expectations, intercultural communication, career exploration and 21st-century skills like creativity and problem-solving as a part of our research-backed Global Learning Curriculum.

Extracurricular activities

Regular on-campus events and community service projects to help students truly integrate into their communities and campuses

Holiday events and overnight trips

Special celebrations during important U.S. holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, as well as trips to other parts of the country to help students get a deeper understanding of U.S. culture

Foundational services

Pre-arrival and transitional support, such as room and board coordination, banking, cell phone and health insurance setup as well as communication with parents to help students settle in and transition smoothly to their new lifestyle.


Academic Excellence

Past UPP students have had above-average grades.

Well-rounded Development

Students are encouraged to think beyond just“making the grade;” they are challenged to develop in six areas: intercultural competence, academic and community engagement, language proficiency, independent study skills, career exploration and healthy lifestyle management.

Future Leaders

We provide opportunities for students to explore their occupational interests and plan their career paths early on in college so that they have an edge when applying for internships and jobs. For those who need additional career support, New Mind provides an individualized career planning program to give students personal support and guidance in their job search.

“I had all kinds of questions about America. My advisor at UPP was so nice and always gave me very helpful advice!” Serena Wang

UPP at UNCG class of 2015

“Through UPP, I got to know American culture better, like what people like to do while they are watching football and how they celebrate Thanksgiving. Those activities really helped me start to enjoy my life here sooner.” Jason Xu

UPP at UNCG Class of 2014