Be Prepared for Success

Program Structure


The University Performance Program at UNCG is co-designed by New Mind Education and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. The purpose of UPP is to ease international students’ transition to UNCG and foster their success through services that supplement their first year of studies. The program consists of three components: the Global Learning Curriculum (GLC), Advising and Foundational Services.



New Mind’s Global Learning Curriculum is a series of weekly seminars and learning experiences that addresses the international student’s unique needs during his or her first year on an American campus. It provides the knowledge and skills students need to:


  • make smooth transitions from their home countries
  • achieve academic success
  • understand U.S. culture and engage with local communities
  • shape their characters and hone important soft skills
  • explore career interests
  • make plans and goals for their time in college



New Mind Advising is a research-based, structured mentoring program that supports international students in overcoming the unique set of challenges they face in a new country and academic environment. Each student is matched with an advisor who meets with him/her one-on-one for an hour every week. Advisors work closely with students to create personal development plans, which guide their weekly interaction. Development plans include growth in the areas of:
  • Academics
  • Leadership
  • College Classes
  • Cultural competency
  • Community engagement
  • Character development
  • Career exploration
New Mind Advising has a very low advisor to student ratio to ensure each student receives the personalized attention and advice he/she needs. No advisor is assigned more than 15 students each year.

Foundational Services


Due to cultural and linguistic barriers, the logistics that go into studying in a foreign country can be intimidating to handle alone. To take some of these details off
students’ plates, New Mind Foundational Services provides students with key pre-arrival and arrival support, including:


  • a pre-arrival guide: an orientation schedule and information about the local area, what to pack and what to expect upon arrival
  • airport pickup
  • room and board coordination – all UPP students are housed on campus or close to it; lease negotiations are handled and housing essentials are purchased for students prior to arrival
  • meal plan setup
  • health insurance coverage: UPP purchases a comprehensive plan for all students
  • bank account setup
  • cell phone plan arrangement
  • student life activities

Beyond easing the initial struggles international students experience during transition, we also collaborate with on- and off-campus partners to host workshops on problem-solving and life skills. These workshops empower students to become more independent and skilled in making wise decisions on their own.

Sample Schedule

Below is a sample schedule that shows how all the UPP services might come together to shape a student’s week.