Be Prepared for Success

“UPP assists international students in becoming productive, engaged and committed members of our academic community.”

—Dr. Penelope Pynes, Associate Provost for International Programs, UNCG

Student Quotes

“I had all kinds of questions about America. My advisor was so nice and always gave me very helpful

Serena Wang

UPP at UNCG class of 2015

“At GLC, I learned about car insurance and health insurance. The teacher also took us to local restaurants and volunteering activities. We had so much fun making friends and practicing English.”

West He

UPP at UNCG Class of 2014

“UPP really helped me make good connections with my language teachers. My teachers helped me make better use of my time studying by showing me exactly what I needed to focus on. The advising helped me a lot as well. Through UPP, I also got to know American culture better, like what Americans do while they are watching football and what they do for Thanksgiving. Those activities really helped me get over the culture shock and start to enjoy my life here sooner.”

Jason Xu

UPP at UNCG Class of 2014

Advisor Quotes

“Sometimes international students just want to have someone to share their experiences with, and that
is where advising comes in. We have designed our advising to better support you, the student, not only
in academics, but also in your life.”

Enoch Chow,

UPP Advisor

“Our GLC component helps international students become more comfortable in their new academic setting and motivates them for success in college and their careers”

Lauren Hudson

UPP Advisor

“New Mind students benefit so much from our intensive advising. We are not only accessible and involved in their lives, but we are able to make a huge difference in their academics as well. As a go-between for students and teachers, we are able to help the international student attain success much more readily than their peers do.”

Susanne Martin

UPP Advisor

Parent Quotes

“I really appreciate the way in which UPP engages international students’ parents. Their phone calls, emails and blog posts kept me current on Feng’s classroom milestones, extracurricular activities and events. It has meant so much to me.”

Feng Tian’s Father

UPP at NC State Class of 2014

“UPP has made study abroad such a wonderful experience for William. With the advisor’s personal care and instruction, William has overcome the initial culture shock, greatly improved his English and become more and more engaged in campus activities.”

William Zhao’s Mother

UPP at UNCG Class of 2014

“UPP parent liaisons bridged Chinese and American culture and helped me participate in the education of my son Leo. Thanks to UPP, Leo has grown tremendously both culturally and intellectually in his first year in America”

Leo Li’s Mother

UPP at UNCG Class of 2014