This year, the NC State (North Carolina State University) branch of New Mind Education held a Valentine’s Day party with New Mind interns and students. On Friday afternoon, February 13th, we held a contest for students to wear the most red for a prize (a small teddy bear statue - Michelle won!), decorated mailboxes, presented the history of Valentine’s Day, decorated cookies and chocolate, and made cards to each other. All of these activities strengthened the relationships between the students, the friends they brought, and the interns and staff that participated.

Before the party stated, New Mind interns decorated room with pink heart balloons, stickers, and pink heart table covers. Erin, the only staff member present, decorated the table with interesting Valentine’s Day facts written onto paper hearts. Students and their friends arrived around four o’clock. Before the activities started, Humphrey was awarded his prize from winning the bingo game during the Super Ball party last month: a lovely dog with a $15 gift card to Best Buy. After that, each student got his or her own mailbox to decorate with plenty of beautiful stickers. At the same time, interns prepared cards so students could wish their friends a happy Valentine’s Day. At first, most students thought that Valentine’s Day is only celebrated between couples, but we explained that for those whom are single, it is common for friends to get together and celebrate friendship instead. Since about half of the 11 New Mind students brought a friend with them, many of them made new friends. During this event, Erin gave a presentation about the history of Valentine’s Day. She divided the story into seven pieces, and students had to help put the pieces in the right order.  Finally, students decorated bars of chocolate and cookies with icing and sprinkles for fun, to give to a friend later or to eat there.

blog 4-2-whiteMost of New Mind student greatly enjoyed this Valentine’s Day party. Many of them improved their relationship with their friends or made new ones. We are looking forward to holding another Valentine’s Day event next year!