On Monday, March 13, 2017, three UPP students kicked off their spring break with an adventure to the high ropes course at the Greensboro Science Center.  The activity was originally requested by student Xinye Wu.  He and students Ruochen Deng and Yan Wang attended this event with Student Life Coordinator Tiffany Merritt.  Although the day was comparatively chilly, and it began to hail while students were on the course, everyone pushed forward to complete the obstacles for two hours and enjoyed themselves!  



High ropes are a series of obstacles designed to facilitate individual or group development.  This development can be physical as well as psychological.  The environment is challenging but safe.  Modern high ropes courses incorporate advanced belay techniques along with rope friction, pulley systems, safety gear, and momentum decreasing mechanisms in order to ensure the safety of participants.  The participants must maneuver themselves on the ropes using balance and physical strength to travel from one elevated platform to the next.  The course our students joined had three different levels of proficiency: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.  The advanced courses require a greater amount of physical stamina in order to go over the obstacles.  Usually, these types of courses are used to help large groups bond together and build communication skills.  Although the UPP group was smaller, all participants encouraged one another and grew closer through the experience.  



While students are in America, we encourage them to take initiative to discover new activities and take on challenges with their friends.  This activity was a great suggestion from Xinye.  At New Mind Education we strive to provide our students with many opportunities to try new things in America, but it is always more exciting to see out students taking part in the discovery process.  This activity was a new experience for everyone involved, and a positive one at that.  Xinye reported that he will bring friends to do this activity in the future.