With a little sadness, but mostly pride, UPP Staff at UNCG Greensboro celebrated the completion of 10 months in our program with students. These students began their journey in UPP in August 2016. As per their requests, we held the ceremony at the O’Henry Hotel with bottomless tea with European delicacies. Students and staff enjoyed their time at this relaxing activity. Each student received a photobook with pictures from the duration of their time in the program. The lobby area we occupied was filled with laughter and reminiscing of the students’ time in America.



After enjoying the luxurious refreshments for about 45 minutes, the group moved outside in the courtyard area for the presentation of awards. Amidst the ivy covered architecture with a brilliant blue sky as a backdrop, students applauded and gave accolades to their peers as the awards were announced.



In order to graduate from UPP, students must fulfill program requirements in order to receive the proper amount of credits, much like college. Students receive credit by attending GLC, advising, and Student Life Events. Although all students who arrive in August were invited to the ceremony, only students who completed program requirements received a graduation certificate. The following students graduated from UPP: Wang Yan, Guo Xiaowen, Zhang Xinyue, Deng Kaisi, Luo Chenlu, Li Hao, Dou Mingyuan, Xie Mujun, and Yang Yuwu.



The following students not only completed program requirements, but went above and beyond to volunteer or participate more in extra-curricular activites and thus earned Honors: Wang Yan, Guo Xiaowen, Zhang Xinyue, Xie Mujun, Wu Ziqi, Luo Chenlu.



Finally, students Xie Mujun and Wang Yan were recipients of the Song Tao Scholarship as voted on by their peers and UPP staff.