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    Take the Journey

    Experience the voyage from international student to citizen of the global economy.

Do more than explore a new world, embrace it!

New Mind Education guides international students from their home, around the globe, to their classes, to an understanding of American customs…to their first job.  We partner with leading colleges and universities, designing customized programs to recruit, support and educate international students so that they graduate as engaged and skilled global citizens.

How it Works

New Mind Education teams up with leading universities to turn the study abroad journey into a life-altering experience for both the students and their host university. We design and operate integrated, on-campus programs that do more than create a comfortable environment for international students. New Mind empowers these young leaders. Their learning and cultural understanding stretches across the globe, helping them recognize their potential in a global economy and society.

Our teachers, and school leaders are adaptable advisers who serve as mentors and role models.

We foster relationships with parents and family, since it’s vital to keep parents informed and actively engaged in their child’s education.

We reach out to educators in the students’ home country to ensure nothing gets lost in translation.


At New Mind, our educational philosophy is based on leading research, the practice of 21st century skills, intercultural competence, and global citizenship. We combine one-on-one advising, groundbreaking learning experiences and proven curriculum to cultivate global talent, one at a time. Everyone gains. Our university hosts, our global partners, staff and, most importantly, the students all reap educational, economic and social benefits.

Why New Mind?

Global learning has never been more critical. Our survival as citizens of the world depends on it. The future of the interconnected economy requires more than conventional language and academic study. It requires a new mind. Intercultural skills, collaboration, and personal leadership are as important as a college degree. We help better prepare students for the path ahead.

New Minds Unify Cultures


Study in a new country and the experience can create a feeling of absolute wonder combined with a sense of isolation.  But if a connection is made, we engage with the culture – and that is where true learning happens. We believe today’s students must learn as much culturally as they do intellectually.  At New Mind, the world becomes our classroom.

Global societies thrive on diversity.  New Mind programs are designed to inspire young people to appreciate their native cultural identity and fully experience the new culture around them – understanding our common humanity.   They learn that they can stand out and still fit in.

New Minds Evolve


Real change means leaving a part of yourself behind and re-imagining who you can be.  When you think with a new mind, you don’t just change – you evolve.  To evolve means that you never stop learning and growing.  New Minds do more than learn a new skill.  They must learn a new way of being in the world.

New Mind helps international students to create a personalized path to develop characters and skills that are critical to future success.  New Mind’s “personal development plan” helps students to navigate the exploration and learning journey in culture, academics, language, engagement, career, and lifestyle.  A student is not an ID number. We provide personal care and instruction to help each student succeed in their own way.

New Minds Lead


As the world grows closer and lines of communication broaden, leadership is less about having power over others, and more about the power of knowing yourself and making a difference in the midst of any new situation or group.   Leadership at New Mind is defined by a strong sense of self awareness, community engagement, and service to others.

New Mind programs encourage students to engage in service and become active students and global citizens.  Students learn best when they experience for themselves.  Graduates of New Mind not only focus on academics, but also on setting high standards of consistency, integrity, and persistence – qualities that will enable them to fully recognize their potential.