On January 21, we held a basketball game at the new Kaplan Recreation Center on UNCG campus. Both the Chinese students and American students who attended enjoyed the game very much. The game consisted of two teams and each team had three members.


The Chinese students were happy to play with the American students. Likewise, the American students enjoyed playing with the Chinese students! Everyone met at the UNCG rec center at 3 p.m. Our students were very excited about playing basketball, therefore they came early and did warm up exercises together. After everyone warmed up, an exciting basketball game between the Chinese and American students started.  There were prizes for the winning team, so everyone put in their best effort and focused on performing at their absolute best.  Some Chinese students, like James, Tommy and Gaotian, are very good at basketball, but they had American competition like Tiffany and her friends.  The best players led their teams well against each other.



Even though it was a competition, everyone was happy and enjoyed themselves that afternoon. We worked out, we ran, we sweated, we laughed and we had fun! We ended up not having one winner that afternoon, because everyone was a winner!  They all put in their best effort in and tried their hardest.



This was a very successful event. UPP students not only had more chances to talk with American students, but they also got to cooperate with them and have fun. Students later said they wanted to play more basketball games with their new American friends.