Basketball season is back! On October 3rd, New Mind Education at NCSU campus held a four-on-four basketball tournament at Carmichael Gym from 12pm to 3pm. This year, we had our own court and medals for the champions. The purpose of the tournament was to promote positivity among students and to encourage everyone to communicate with English speakers. Also, this was a great opportunity for students to relax and get ready for the fall break. Wanmin Li, one of the participants, said “This is a great game and I can’t wait to play.”




There were 16 players participating in this tournament, and two of them were Americans. After all of the participants warmed up, Chelsea and Connie, the organizers of this competition, divided the players randomly into four different teams. Team one had Zhaohan Zhu, Wanmin Li, Yikang Xing, and Jeffrey Rawls. Team Two had Zhuo Zhoulin, Jiaming Zhang, Rongjin Wang, and Senyang He. Team Three had Shuai Zhao, Zilong Song, Zehao Wei, and Kai Deng. Team four had Peilun Duan, Xinhua Du, Hankin Li, and Daniel Liederbach. We also had two referees:  Wilson and Evans from the student mentor group. Each team played another team on a full size court for about twenty minutes, and the winner of the match then went on to contend for the championship in the final game.




There were four games in total. In the first round, team one played against team three, and team two against team four. The diverse range of players helped team one win the first game, and they were the first team to have the chance to play in the final round. Meanwhile, fast moving and high offensive skills assisted team four to win the chance to play in the final round. In the end, team one beat team four in the final championship round with a score of 16 to 10. Daniel Liederbach, a fifth year student part of Army RTC currently taking Chinese language classes, said, “I love this game, and we had a lot of fun. It was really good to get to play with these guys. I love making Chinese friends, and carry this friendship for a long time.”




After the competition, although everybody was very tired, some of the players continued to group together and play basketball. Kai Deng said “The tournament helped me have more communication with students that I don’t know. We usually didn’t have time to talk to each other at schools, but playing basketball connects us and gives us more chances to express ourselves.”

All in all, most of the New Mind students greatly enjoyed this basketball tournament. Considering the fast pace of IEP school work, students had a small break and were able to release the pressure from their studies. Our New Mind staff created a comfortable environment for them to support future success. We are looking forward to holding another sports tournament next semester!