February 26 marked the weekend before the end of the Spring I term for UNCG UPP students.  Stress levels had been high among the students as they feverishly worked to pass their Interlink benchmarks, so Program Coordinator Tiffany Merritt and the UPP interns planned an Artistic Expression Student Life Event to allow students to have some healthy stress relief.


02-26-16 Painting 38


Approximately 50% of UPP students came to the Faculty Center that Friday night to join the activity.  When students arrived, they were given a white bowl and painting supplies from the Mad Platter, a local Greensboro business.  For the next two hours, everyone painted their bowls while talking and laughing with friends or listening to music.  Some of the finished designs were quite extravagant including: a traditional poem with the Great Wall of China in the background, beautiful flowers, cute cartoon characters, and playing cards on a poker night snack bowl painted by the Program Director, Enoch Chow.  One of the new January students, Feitong “Roy” Zhang, even engineered a hand stabilizer out of cardboard to achieve perfectly straight painted lines on his bowl.


When everyone was finished, the workers from the Mad Platter collected the bowls and took them back to the kiln at their store to be fired. The bowls now await the students return from Spring Break to be used in their kitchens for daily use.  We hope that when students see these bowls, they will remember their happy experiences in the UPP Student Life Programming.


02-26-16 Painting 07


02-26-16 Painting 06