The annual New Mind Education Chinese New Year Party was held on Friday, February 12th from 7:00 to 9:00 pm. The event, to celebrate Chinese New Year, was at the Faculty Center on UNCG campus.


We had 4 stations at our event: making dumplings, paper cutting, writing Chinese phrases and dressing in costumes.  About 100 people ended up coming to this event. Everyone who came got a red envelope containing five facts about Chinese New Year. We also had an eating noodle competition. The winner of the contest was one of our interns, Kevin. He ate 4 bowls noodles in 5 minutes. The prize for winning was $10 dollars Amazon gift card.


02-12-16 CNY 45


At the paper cutting station, we taught students how to cut out the Chinese character “春”, which means spring in English. At another station students could make dumplings.  Dumplings are a traditional Chinese food, so we made lots of dumplings at the event. Students mixed the flour with water, and when the dough was ready, they began to make dumpling wrappers. They used a rolling pole to roll the dough into small, thin, round pieces so that they would be easy to cook. When the wrappers were done, the students then prepared the filling made from meat and vegetables.  For the final step, the students put the dumplings into a pot to cook.  The dumplings were delicious and the students loved having a chance to make them.


At the costume station, we had a lot of traditional Chinese clothing that students could try on.  Then they could act whatever character they liked.  It was a good chance for the students to try on lots of interesting, traditional clothes.  Over in the Chinese writing section, students troed to write phrases in Chinese characters.  They wrote couplets as their best wishes for the New Year.


Overall, everyone really enjoyed this event!  They cannot wait to enjoy it again next year.


02-12-16 CNY 02