On Saturday, April 15th, UPP students celebrated Easter in Pullen Park! Despite the high pollen index and the stress of upcoming final tests, the afternoon was breezy and beautiful for the 19 students who attended.



UPP staff and interns prepared a feast in one of the wooden picnic shelters overlooking the park, complete with 100 pieces of fried chicken, southern-style rice, fresh strawberries and blackberries, and NCSU’s own Howling Cow ice cream! One of the special perks of attending NC State is the robust agriculture department, which raises its own cows and makes its own ice cream.


“I love those chicken pieces!” Aurora Yinan Ding said. “I loved the ice cream from NC State!” Alice Diaqiu Luo said.



Students also tried traditional American Easter treats like Peeps, Cadbury Cream eggs, chocolate malt eggs, jellybeans and more! The malt eggs, a unique candy flavor, was an unexpected hit with many of the students.


“The malt is very tasty!” Monica Yumeng Zhang said.



Although eating and relaxing was one of the goals for this event, another goal was allowing students to experience some American Easter activities. Students decorated Easter eggs and participated in an old-fashioned Easter egg hunt. These eggs were tiny, about the size of a songbird’s egg, and well-hidden by interns and staff. The eggs were filled with popular Asian treats such as High Chews, Ramune candy and White Rabbit.


However, one lucky egg contained a $50 gift-card to the NCSU bookstore. UPP student Alice Luo was the lucky one who found that well sought for egg! And Frances Zhang won a large chocolate bunny for finding the most eggs (nearly 20)!


“I really enjoy looking for those eggs,” Ruth Quanxin Zhao said. “It’s like finding treasure!”



Another highlight of the event was the Chubby Bunny contest, where students competed for plush prizes. The rules of Chubby Bunny are simple: contestants take turns putting a marshmallow in their mouth and without chewing (or choking) say “chubby bunny.” If the marshmallow doesn’t fall out and people can understand them, they move to the next round. The top three students with the most marshmallows and still able to say “chubby bunny” earned giant Easter-themed stuffed animals! Jessica Qu earned first place with an incredible 10 marshmallows. Ruth Zhao gained second place with 9, Alice Luo took third with 8, and Kaia Hou placed 4th place with 7.


“I love the prize from the chubby bony game,” Zhao said. “It is worthwhile to participant in this game and this event as well!”



The Easter Picnic was the last major event of the semester, and for many of our students, their last with UPP. We are thankful for all the students who came out to enjoy the gorgeous afternoon weather!


“I really enjoyed the atmosphere with everyone hanging out during this long weekend,” Jacob Yukuan Li said. “And I loved the egg hunt. I found plenty of them, and that was pretty fun!”