On Saturday, January 16, New Mind Education at UNCG held a Field Day and 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament at the UNCG recreation center.  This event was open to New Mind, INTERLINK, and UNCG students and lasted from 12 to 2 pm.


Despite the cold weather that day, 22 people from New Mind, INTERLINK, and UNCG participated in the event.  For the first hour, participants practiced teamwork through traditional American Field Day events such as tug-of-war and a “save the balloon,” relay race.  They also tried a new event, mukluk.  Mukluk is an Alaskan game in which team members join hands and form a circle around an object such as a basketball, trash can, or cone.  The goal of the game is to make your teammates touch the object while you are holding hands.  A lot of laughter and competition ensued as the groups moved around like lively jellyfish while each team member tried to avoid touching the basketball in the middle at all costs.


However, the “save the balloon,” relay race was the ultimate test of teamwork.  Teams had to pair off and carry a balloon from one side of the basketball court to the other by balancing the balloon between their elbows, spinning in circles while holding the balloon back to back, kicking the balloon to the end of the court, and finally popping the balloon.  To say it was a challenge is an understatement!


After these games warmed everyone up, the talented basketball athletes of the group began to compete in a 3-on-3 tournament. This tournament consisted of five teams, who competed in two grueling matches to reach 10 points for each game. Each member of the winning team received a $25 gift card.  Despite the amount of energy they expended during the 3-on-3 matches, many of the basketball players stayed after the tournament finished to join in a 5-on-5 full court game.


New Mind Education staff were encouraged to see so many of the New Mind Education students participate in healthy lifestyles so early in 2016 at this event.  We hope to have a larger turnout for our Badminton/Volleyball tournament in February!