We had a really fun outdoor soccer activity on the March 18th, 2016 which was a beautiful Friday. After classes ended, students were invited to the Recreation Fields at UNCG to participate in a friendly soccer match.  Twenty-three New Mind staff, interns, and students attended this event in the hopes of winning the prize: a pizza party at a time and location of their choosing.


Students and New Mind staff were divided into two teams. Both of teams did a really good job in the competition. Some of our students have a lot of soccer talent; they were like professional soccer athletes during the soccer competition with their performance.   Some students noted throughout the activity that they needed to exercise more so that they could participate in fun sports activities longer.  In addition, some students who smoke made remarks that they would like to quit smoking in order to build their endurance.  These students realized that they used to be able to run much longer during high school before they started smoking a lot.


03-18-16 Soccer 20


The teams played in the hot sun for over an hour, trying to achieve 10 goals before the other team.   The winning team consisted of Program Director Enoch Chow, intern Yang Fan, and UPP students Rui Wang, Xin Zhao, Linghua Zhang, Jianwu Dong, and Changli Dai.  The atmosphere was healthy and competitive, so nobody had hard feelings about the end results.  Everyone just enjoyed doing some physical activity together outside. While we had hoped for more UNCG student participation in the activity, we are very happy that students are thinking about lifestyle changes to make themselves healthier after reflecting on their endurance levels from the soccer game.  Hopefully this event will mark the beginning of more physical activity and less smoking to make our students fit and healthy!


03-18-16 Soccer 07