We certainly gobbled until we wobbled during our Thanksgiving feast!  On Tuesday, November 17, UPP at UNCG hosted a Thanksgiving dinner with American students at the Faculty Center on UNCG campus.  This event had close to 80 attendees made up of both UNCG and UPP students.  The overwhelming majority of the attendees, though, were UNCG students! American students brought traditional, homemade Thanksgiving dishes, such as pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, apple pie, stuffing, gravy, steamed vegetables, 7-up salad, and of course, turkey.  UPP and UNCG students reported that the turkey was their favorite dish.


11-17-15 Thanksgiving 16


Aside from experiencing a true American feast, attending UPP students were encouraged to practice their English and learn about this famous American holiday.  They asked the American students about their favorite Thanksgiving memories and discussed two things they were thankful for in their lives. In addition, UPP posed a challenge to all American attendees to learn how to say, “Happy Thanksgiving,” in Chinese.  In order to earn a dessert plate on which they could place many dessert delicacies, the American students had to say 感恩节快乐 to the UPP staff.  One American attendee later reported that she felt the UPP students were very excited to practice English in a relaxed atmosphere that was more like a daily life scenario rather than a lecture.  She felt that learning a small Chinese phrase from the UPP students created a comfortable atmosphere for all attendees.

Overall, this event embodied the spirit of Thanksgiving that transcends the enjoyment of a meal.  The true celebration of Thanksgiving is coming together with those you are thankful for and reflecting on life’s many blessings.


11-17-15 Thanksgiving 03