This event was created to welcome the new March students to New Mind on March 18! There were 23 New Mind students who joined this party, along with 36 New Mind staff and outside participants.The party took place at the Edge of Campus Apartments, which is where many New Mind students reside.


There was two parts to this event. First was, of course, the barbecue. We ate a lot of delicious barbecue foods such as chicken, lamb, and pork chops.  We used traditional Chinese dry barbeque to season the meat before and after grilling it. Enoch, the Program Director, helped us cook! Also he taught us how to cook as well. New Mind students also learned about American style of BBQ and they enjoyed it. A lot of students were enticed by the delicious aroma and were drawn to watch Enoch prepare the gourmet feast. Most of the students really enjoyed this barbecue. They said “Wow! I never ate food better than this in America!” They also said “American BBQ is so fun, and I will never forget this experience.”


03-18-16 BBQ 18


The second part of the event was a treasure hunt.  During this activity, students had to collect clues and use them to compile a word that named a famous American city.  To be successful, teams had to follow the clues in order and collect every single clue to make sure they had enough letters to think of what city their clues might spell out.  Some of these clues were things like “You drink this everyday but not this kind,” referencing the water in the pool area.  Another clue read “楼, 楼, 楼 (2448-8)/2.”  For this clue, the students had to solve the math problem, the answer being “1220,” and then think about the Chinese word for floor three times.  This clue lead the students to the third floor of the 1220 building.  In the end, students won visa gift cards for this event.  They really liked exercising their cleverness!


New Mind held this event because many students had requested a traditional Chinese BBQ.  In fact, the New Mind Student Council helped plan the details of this event!  It was nice to see the Student Council exercising teamwork and leadership with the interns to design this event.  We also hoped to show students that we value their feedback about events and plan to take action based on their ideas.   In general, students really enjoyed this activity and they gave very good feedback for this event. Some of the students want to have another activity like this again.


03-18-16 BBQ 47