New Mind organized a field day on Saturday, September 26, from 12 to 3 PM at UNCG recreation center. Despite the rain, most of our students attended. In addition, 30% of our participants were American. They were playing games and had a good experience.



We did some really fun activities. Those activities could help students to better know each other. Also those games could help to train students to gain better reaction capacity, coordination ability, and organizing ability because most of the games needed students to finish with their team. The field day was separated into two parts, games and activities and a basketball tournament. Both of these had prizes for the winners.




For the games activity part, we played lots fun games, such as Relay Games, MukLuk, and Relay Race. Relay Games is about ships and sailors, where you listen to commands from one person and do the corresponding action as fast as possible. During this game, all of our students joined the game, and all of them had a really fun time in this game. MukLuk is an Alaskan Game where 5 people make a circle, and they try to force each other to touch the cone in the middle. Everybody who joined the game were laughing really hard during this game. Both our students and American were really enjoyed the game. Relay Race is a game where 7 students were on one team. There were 3 teams in total, and students had to do different actions in a competition. The fastest team won the prize, which was a bag of snacks to fuel their next workout. The winning team was LV, Tyler Webster, Paul, Enoch, and Max. Congratulations!!!




Then we had a really fun 3 on 3 basketball tournament. We had 6 teams join the competition. Students competed in grueling half-court games. Every single game was to 10 points, and the first team to 10 points won the game. The champions of the basketball tournament were Enoch, Wei, and Tommy. The prize for the 3 on 3 basketball tournament was a 25 dollars footlocker gift card for each person. Congratulations!!!

This event helped our students learn how to relieve stress in a healthy way with physical movement, and it taught them fun American games.