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    Elevate Your Life

    New Mind elevates the journey to higher learning and provides an enriched road to success.

New Mind Programs

New Mind elevates the idea of studying abroad from an interesting experience to a life-changing transformation.


For Students

With New Mind, you do more than just take your college courses in a new place and then return home. Supported with one-on-one advising, experience-rich learning, and proven curriculum, you will become fully engaged contributors on campus, turning the world into a laboratory and yourself into a citizen of the globe.

We Help You Prepare
If you are a rising international high school junior or senior, you can take advantage of our Summer Academy Program to stretch academic and intellectual boundaries. We, at New Mind, help you discover your real passion, and develop authentic personal narrative that helps you stand out during the application

We Help You Succeed
Once you're enrolled as a first year international student, you get to enjoy the advantages of our University Performance Program (UPP). This provides you with guidance, seminars, enriched activities, community experiences, and travel around the United States. This is an integrated experience to help you fit in and become an engaged learner.

We Help You Launch Your Career
If you're an international undergraduate or graduate student, New Mind tackles career development by combining traditional development methods with better understanding of culture adaptation. This unique perspective and individualized approach will help you not only find a job but launch a meaningful, global career.

For Educators

We understand that you, as educators, not only benefit from the quantity of international students, but also how engaged those students are. At New Mind, our programs are hosted on campus through strong collaboration with leading research universities.

We Help You Reach Quality Students
With a dedicated local team and a deep understanding of the challenges international students face, our New Mind staff can help your university reach beyond conventional recruitment methods and amplify its voice to more-qualified candidates.

Student Retention & Holistic Success
Based on accredited Global Learning Curriculum, we, here at New Mind, work hand-in-hand with your universities’ existing resources and customize innovative programs. This helps international students prepare and acclimate to leading US universities which leads to a transformative experience for your students.

Meaningful Global Collaboration
With a strong commitment to community and collaboration, New Mind helps your university find the right international partners. New Mind also builds self-sustaining programs for faculty, researchers, and students so that they can collaborate, innovate, and foster meaningful global engagement.