• Global Academy @ UNCG

    Global Academy Graduate Pathway Program at UNC Greensboro

An Innovative Platform for Collaboration

UNC Greensboro’s (UNCG) Global Academy is an innovative platform to foster UNCG’s global collaboration, support faculty and student exchange, and recruit international students.

The Global Academy consists of three major components:

University Partnership

The foundation of any Global Academy program is the strong partnership between universities. UNCG welcomes qualified universities around the world to reach out to the Academy, [email protected], and establish partnerships through mutual visits, intellectual exchange, and partnership agreements.

Faculty Exchange and Collaboration

Strong and sustainable faculty relationships are the cornerstone of any productive global partnership. Through Global Academy, the faculty of partnering universities can apply to become visiting scholars or also arrange short visits with their hosting peers. UNCG’s faculty will also be able to work with peers of partner institutions on joint research, classes, and other educational sessions.

Student Programs

Whether it’s a short-term student visit, semester-long course study, or degree-seeking programs, Global Academy provides different formats of student programs.

New Mind Education assists international students in becoming productive, engaged and committed members of our academic community.”
—Dr. Penelope Pynes, Associate Provost for International Programs, UNCG

The Global Academy Graduate Pathway Program

The Global Academy Graduate Pathway (GAGP) provides qualified international students the opportunity to earn master’s degrees from UNC Greensboro and have a transformative study abroad experience. Over the period of 12 months, students take a combination of language and academic courses together with individualized advising and tailored cultural and career development activities. This purposeful graduate study and language enrichment leads to meaningful engagement, both during and after their graduate study.

Key Benefits:

  • Language acquisition with a specific purpose
  • Major-specific support by peer graduate student mentors
  • One-on-one advising with a 1:15 advisor/advisee ratio
  • Personalized support and development
  • Integrated GRE and GMAT test preparation if departments require such scores
  • Embedded pre-requisite courses to bridge the gap between home country and UNCG curriculums
  • Credit-bearing courses integrated into the program to provide seamless academic transition
  • Integrated career exploration and development, both for U.S. and home country markets