Collaboration with UNC Chapel Hill

5 international students have been recruited for UNC-Chapel Hill by New Mind Education

Key Benefits to Universities

Holistic Student Success

Effective Global Collaboration

Robust International Reputation

We attract top students from around the world and provide an excellent study abroad experience in Chapel Hill, aiding in students’ holistic development and success.

Global Visiting Student Program

UNC Chapel Hill’s Global Visiting Student Program (GVSP) provides top international undergraduate students the opportunity to attend Carolina for a summer session, a semester or a full academic year.

Program Components


Students attend advising sessions to recognize their unique strengths, enhance problem-solving skills, and explore specific issues. Our plans are student-centered and facilitated through a personal advisor. UNC GVSP’s rich archive of resources includes activities and instruction to develop global-competency skills. Individuals walk away knowing more about who they are and where they want to go in the future.

Student Life

The GVSP schedules events and activities that provide opportunities for students to build their confidence, openness, communication, resilience, and connection to local culture. The five areas of focus are: increased access to the community, exposure to new experiences, application of knowledge learned in class, interaction with diverse groups, and giving back through community outreach.


Students take part in GVSP seminars that analyze aspects of US culture. Group settings provide a safe space for inquiry, dialogue, and reflection for students to navigate their new environment. Out-of-class experiences and trips enrich the seminar experience with new layers of communicative challenge, interaction, and contemplation.

Field Trips

Each semester, GVSP invites students to explore the cultural and geographic magnificence of their host region through our Field Trips. At the heart of each trip are student-focused activities. Each experience has a different curricular focus based on individual student needs.

Major & Career Exploration

GVSP assists students in becoming better prepared for their future career, no matter which country they want to live in. Our program helps students explore opportunities, provides them with guidance on how to find their unique interests and strengths, and helps students make a career plan.

Foundational Services

When international students move to a foreign country, it is crucial to get familiarized with the surrounding environment. GVSP provides foundational services including airport pick-up, immunization assistance, bank account support, shopping shuttles and more. The ultimate goal is to empower students to develop the life skills needed to manage these services on their own while living abroad, so they can grow socially and academically.

Benefits of the Global Visiting Student Program at UNC Chapel Hill

Establishes a global network for career and graduate school opportunities

Enhances knowledge of the United States to strengthen cross-cultural communication skills

Engages students in the community to advance their English language abilities

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