By MIN YANG, Intern at [email protected]

Edited by SARAH M. T. MUNRO


On February 9th, New Mind at UNCG held a successful talent show in the UNCG music building, which included performances by UPP students. We arranged this activity because we wanted our students to have the opportunity to demonstrate their many diverse talents. UPP students planned almost 10 shows, including Chinese, Italian, and English singing performances, piano performances, and guitar shows. We gave them the freedom to join and perform their talents.



The talent show not only allowed UPP students to showcase their own talents, but it helped our students make American friends. Almost 40 people participated in the talent show, including about 30 Chinese students, a few Saudi students, and some American friends.



During the talent show, we provided free pizza and water. All students who participated took their talent performances very seriously. The singing performances demonstrated many different styles of songs and the songs were very beautiful. Our host, a fellow UPP student, was also very good and humorous. The host perfectly connected each show and gave a very good introduction. Also, our host prepared some small gifts for the audience, which made the audience very happy. After the show, the audience voted to select their favorite show. The top performer received a $50 Gift Card from New mind. In addition, each performer received a Participation Award from New Mind.  Every attendee enjoyed the show very much. Everyone is looking forward to next talent show!