With winter still upon us we decided to get some exercise to help us get ready for spring. On Saturday February 20, New Mind Education at UNCG got together to have a volleyball and badminton tournament in the UNCG recreation center. This is our second time to host a sports tournament, but this is our first time we included volleyball in the competition. We had a turnout of 9 New Mind staff members, 9 New Mind Students, and 11 other UNCG students.


We split into teams made up of both UNCG and New Mind students before starting to play. Activities like these are great opportunities for our students to meet and interact with UNCG students. It provides the students a chance for them to practice their English and learn more about American culture.




When I asked one of our current New Mind students, Coco, about what she thought about the activity Coco said, “I love to participate in such activities.”  She explained that she does not have many opportunities to make friends since she has only been here for two months, and that it is  an even rarer opportunity for her to make American friends. She said, “This activity lets me many American people and lets me practice my English.”


These opportunities–where our students can develop cultural awareness, learn American culture, and improve their social success–are exactly what New Mind Education is about.