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Creativity Heaven: SPARKcon

By JESSICA QU Editor: MICHELLE DANNER   SPARKcon is an annual creative festival that showcases a variety of local artists in Raleigh, North Carolina. The goal of SPARKcon is to inspire creativity in all its forms, from visual art, dance, and music to poetry,... read more

More than Six-Legs to Volunteer at Raleigh’s Annual BugFest

By JENNA KANE and CAROLINE CORNISH Editor: MICHELLE DANNER   September 17th was a bright and sunny day for downtown Raleigh’s annual Bugfest, hosted by the Natural Science Museum. Several UPP students volunteered to staff at this annual event which drew in large... read more

Celebrating Autumn with a Taste of Home

By SARAH CRAWFORD and CAROLINE CORNISH Editor: MICHELLE DANNER   For the last month, UPP students have been hard at work taking classes and becoming acclimated to Raleigh. On September 15th, all of that was briefly left behind as students celebrated the UPP... read more