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The New Mind Experience

It’s a whole new world out there. An interconnected, cross-cultural, collaborative place with educational and career opportunities. Get a taste of the New Mind experience.

Exciting Programs

Learn about our three stages of programs.  Specifically, how we guide students from the day they pack up to leave for college to the moment they settle in to their first job.

Unique Approach

Find out more about our unique and holistic approaches that prepare students for academic, career and life success.

The New Mind

Global learning has never been more critical.

Our survival as citizens of the world depends on it.  The future of the interconnected economy requires more than connections, language, and academic studies. It requires a new mind.


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New Mind partners with Jack Ma Foundation to develop education leaders in rural China

In China, over 90 million children are raised in rural villages and towns, many with parents working outside in cities. This means the over 3 million rural teachers and their principals who have so much time each day invested in the children are often the most influential in determining the futures of them and, therefore, in shaping the future of China…


New Mind Blog


The 2017 UPP@NCSU Asheville Fall Trip

By CAROLINE CORNISH In North Carolina, it might be hard to know the season is changing; one day you will experience 80 degree weather, while the next you will be unpacking your winter clothes from the back of the closet. One marker of a true change into the fall...

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Art Is for Everyone

By Caitlin Hill Editor: CAROLINE CORNISH When talking about the Arts it can be heavily overshadowed by performing art; people see the Nutcracker during Christmas, attend a concert, or support their child in a play but won’t visit an art gallery. It can also be...

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The Annual East Asian Autumn Festival

By XIN ZHAO Editor: TIFFANY MERRITT On September 23rd, UPP students joined the East Asian Autumn Festival which is a celebration hosted by UNCG campus every year. Autumn Festival is called “Zhong Qiu Jie” in Chinese. The festival is held on 15th day of the 8th month...

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