A Unique Learning Experience for Students

The University Performance Program (UPP) is a supplemental experience for international students in their first year abroad. It is co-designed by New Mind Education and North Carolina State University. The goal of UPP is to help international students fully integrate into campus life and have a successful academic experience.

Our highly trained advisors steer students through our Global Learning Curriculum, a series of services and experiences specifically designed to merge the unique perspectives of international students with the nuances of the American lifestyle.

Students enjoy transition support, individual advising and global competency skills development. Students can tap all the support and resources they need to become fully engaged members of the campus community.

Program Structure

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The UPP Experience by the Numbers


As an international student, you may feel isolated in the new environment. But UPP provides you a lot of opportunities to connect with people who are interested in your culture.”

- Lingchao Ma
UPP at NC State Class of 2016

UPP provided me a lot of opportunities to make American friends, get involved in the local community and grow as a leader.”

- Annan Zhou
UPP at NC State Class of 2012

My UPP advisor has always encouraged me to do what I like. She told me women could be powerful.”

- Xiaomeng Liao
UPP at NC State Class of 2016

My UPP advisor told me to raise my hand once in each class to start with. And I have made a lot of progress since then.”

- Heqing Qi
UPP at NC State Class of 2012