The annual New Mind Education Talent Show was held on Friday, January 29th from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. The Talent Show took place in on UNCG campus in the Faculty Center. The purpose of this event was to encourage students to seek and experience their inner talents and to foster confidence in that talent as they prepared to perform.


01-29-16 Talent 25


In this event, participants were allowed to do up to two performances either alone or with a group. The judges awarded 2 prizes: 1st and 2nd place. Both of the winners won prizes for their great performances.


On the day of the event, 67 people attended.  28 of them were New Mind students and 27 of them were INTERLINK students or UNCG conversation partners. During the event, many students performed different talents. There was dancing, singing, playing the guitar, and other performances.  All of the performances were really amazing. In the end, the first prize went to a New Mind student Seline (Yin Yiwen) for her outstanding singing performance. The second prize went to INTERLINK student Yessica and her partner Bryan. With all the delicious sushi and many other food that New Mind Education offered during the performances, everybody really enjoyed the event!


01-29-16 Talent 48

01-29-16 Talent 49