The Spring 17 UPP semester concluded last Saturday, April 29 with our Completion Ceremony! We are thankful for all the students, interns and staff that helped make this semester great!



We would like to recognize the students that demonstrated the dedication, integrity and a growth mindset needed to earn enough credits to graduate from the program. Congratulations Christina Chen, Kaia Hou, Frances Zhang, Andy Shi, Joanna Zhao, Aurora Ding, Lorrie Hou, Monica Zhang, Starry Gao, Eishon Pan, and Ruth Zhao!



Nevertheless, some students went above and beyond our expectations, taking full advantage of the opportunities within the program and earned honors credits. These students received a special UPP honors medal! Congratulations again to Christina, Kaia, Frances, Aurora, Joanna and Starry!



Lastly, the UPP Scholarship winners were announced. Candidates for these awards were decided from 3 equal votes: program engagement (earning enough credits to graduate), staff vote, and student vote. The two scholarship runner-ups, Starry and Joanna, received $1000.00 each, while the grand winner, Aurora, received a $2000.00 scholarship!



We are very proud of the accomplishments of these students, and are thankful for their participation in the program!