On September 7th, New Mind organized for our incoming August students to attend the first North Carolina Folk Festival, which was hosted in downtown Greensboro. When we arrived there, it was 5.30pm on Friday and we could see that the stage had been set for the event.

During the Folk Festival, many police and volunteers were working to ease traffic and patrol. We walked from Davie street to center city park. This road is also called UNCG SPARTAN WAY. You can see many food trucks along the street. I highly recommend you try the ice cream by Ben & Jerry’s. I personally like their mix of berry flavors.



Since the first performance would start at 7 PM, we had enough time to explore the downtown. We first visited the NC Makers Marketplace presented by OUR STATE. There were many handicrafts to buy, including handmade guitars and jam. Then we went to the family stage, next to the family activity area. Here, children and parents can experience the charm of the music festival. We watched John Jorgenson Quintet at 7:30pm in the Blue Cross Blue Shield NC CityStage. The gypsy jazz they performed made me feel cool and calm on this midsummer night. We left the festival at 8:30 p.m.



We also attended The National Folk Festival last year. The difference was that we had come on Saturday morning, and we could feel the energy and passion of the festival. Although we went to the music festival in the evening this year, the music festival in the evening also has a different charm. It gives us peace and serenity and relieves the fatigue of the day.

We enjoyed the music festival very much. If you missed this year’s festival, you can come next year and enjoy the best event of the summer!



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